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Prepaid Package

Protect yourself from rising maintenance costs

Performing regular maintenance on the car can seem expensive, but it can often save you the cost of major repairs in the future. Our Prepaid Package allows you to pay for all of these routine maintenance costs at today’s prices, so you can stay in compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty while saving money over the long term.

Average cost of routine maintenance per year: $500-$700
Maintenance costs increased 7% in 2017


Our convenient Prepaid Package will save you money by allowing you to prepay for your vehicle’s routine maintenance and service. Plus, you’ll never forget an oil change again - you can schedule everything you need now.

The Prepaid package includes:
Oil and oil filter changes
Other regular maintenance

You can customize your plan to match your personal driving habits and needs as well as your manufacturer’s warranty. And if you sell the vehicle to a private party, the plan is transferable, which could increase the resale value.

Prepaid Package


    This plan does not cover mechanical breakdown repairs
    You can find a full list of covered service items in your service schedule
    This package does not include any services, parts, labor, materials, or fluids that are not listed in the service schedule or performed by the dealership
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