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Component Care Package

Protecting every part for everyday peace of mind.

It is common knowledge that mechanical parts wear down over time - it’s not a question of if, but when. If you’re like most drivers, the amount of time you’re spending in your car is going up, and those parts are wearing down faster each year. Our Component Care Package will cover the replacement of both common wear and tear items and major mechanical components, keeping you driving along.

Coverage for up to 1500 components
Amount of hours Americans spend behind the wheel: 70 billion
Average amount of miles traveled per week: 220


Your most essential components are the most likely to wear down and are often commonly excluded by many warranties. Our component care package will cover many of these items, including:

Brake pads and rotors
Wiper blades
Light bulbs and headlamps

You will also receive the following emergency services:
Emergency travel reimbursement
Rental car reimbursement
Emergency roadside assistance

Component Care Package


    Replacement parts will be good quality or OEM
    Will not cover maintenance services, parts, or mechanical breakdowns also covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.
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