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Body Protection Package

Keep your car looking brand new

When you purchase something as costly and important as a new car, you want to protect your investment. Unfortunately, this investment is subjected to all sorts of conditions, and often gets dented or dinged in the course of everyday usage. Our Body Protection Package will keep your car looking brand new without incurring a costly repair for you.

Average cost of a small dent repair: $75
A dent could be the difference between a “good” and “fair” label from an appraiser


Dents are often ignored as a cosmetic imperfection, but they can devalue your car overtime and even cause rust damage.

Our Body Protection Package keeps you covered for convenient repairs that can be performed at your home, office, or dealership, and can keep your vehicle looking sharp.

Body Protection Package


    Dents must be under 4” in diameter and in an accessible location
    Dents must be not require paint repair to be covered
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